Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Greens invoke the 'spirit of the flame'

Reports have been coming in of a unique start to the weekend's Green Party conference:

    The jiggery-pokery which started the Greens' annual conference on Saturday morning effectively confirmed in advance what the subsequent two days of debate and discussion more obliquely indicated - the Greens and National are never going to be a serious item.
Any party which begins its conference by lighting a candle so it can be guided by the "symbolic gesture of a flame" while "calling in the spirits" of Rod Donald, the Treaty, the sun, and just about everything else bar the kitchen sink would seem to be in fruitcake territory, as in nutty as.

NOT PC has now received video footage of the opening fertility dance, although we're unable to clarify the precise reason for Christopher Lee's attendance ...  ;^)


  1. It's funny eh. Lighting a candle and releasing all that CO2

    If they wanted to stop C02 emissions they should start with themselves and stop breathing.

  2. Sometimes I consider going to green/socialist confrences just for the laughs.


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