Monday, 19 May 2008


If you have a spare moment and you read or publish a political blog, then you can help out a young man doing research on political blogging at the University of Political Correctness in the Waikato by filling out his surveys: here if you read political blogs, and here if you also publish a political blog.

Oh, and while you're doing online surveys, here's one that tells you What Type of Trader you are (I'm Strategic, it seems) and another here to see whether or not you can tell females from shemales.  Very important work -- and not entirely unrelated to political blogging.


  1. I got emailed about this a day ago, and have done both of them.

    Also, isn't the man from the University of Auckland?

  2. I am an independent trader.

    What type of trader are you Callum?

  3. Feck!- I did badly on the shemale one- but in my defense. I have my beer goggles on!

    I did the blogger survey too!

  4. I'm strategic too, but 9 out of 16 for shemales isn't brilliant - ah it's the medication, that's the excuse.


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