Friday, 16 May 2008

"Nanny State - Is the Govt OTT in Telling Us What to Do?"

Did anybody else see Close Up last night?  I must confess, I usually skip the flatulent half-hour of non-news on the two main channels, but last night I was seduced to watch by the invitation to watch an investigation of Nanny's advertising -- "Is the government over the top in telling us what to do?" asked the teaser -- that seemed to have noticed Sus's hilarious anti-Nanny rant posted on Libz TV the other day.

Frankly, I think Libertarian Sus has a much better line in ridicule, but see what you think: 


  1. I had to turn it off. Vomitory.

  2. I only saw the trailer and I have to say that I immediately thought of Sus' vid and that she was the catalyst for this segment.

    Congratulations Sus. Your message went out most successfully. You have a real talent and I applaud you.

  3. Belated thanks, RR. I only just spotted this. Very nice of you.

    (Must add that it was just one part of a more serious address. At that point I was working without a proper lectern (& spurned the mike) so it was more informal than usual ...)

    $213 million pa, eh, $98 million of it on TV. Ah well, it's only public money ...


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