Friday, 30 May 2008

REMINDER: Global Warming Swindle this Sunday

Owen McShane from the Climate Science Coalition sends you this reminder: 'The Great Global Warming Swindle' is showing on Prime at 8.30 this Sunday,followed by a panel discussion that includes Leighton Smith.

    This UK Channel 4 documentary has been a long time coming to New Zealand but is finally here. Given that the debate about climate change and the RMA, and energy, and of course the Emissions Trading Scheme is now at a peak, the timing may be right after all.
    The original version had a few errors, mainly in translating the graphics to screen, but these have been corrected.  On the other hand, in spite of the UK High Court finding 13 errors in Al Gore's film, he has not changed a thing.

Naturally, the Greens are trying to have the screening banned.


  1. And you give the greens a personal issues score of 80 on your political spectrum, yet they want to ban every second thing.

  2. "And you give the greens a personal issues score of 80 on your political spectrum, yet they want to ban every second thing."

    That's because the test wasn't very well written.

  3. That's because the Greens have been overtaken by Reds since the test was done.

  4. Unfortunately the deabte will be a turkey. They never invite vocal sceptical scientists into these TV deabtes, but instead usually have some media personalities - so it all becomes a "he said, she said" type of thing.

  5. You ought to up date it cos it is certainly quite misleading unless you label it "Historical political spectrum".
    Other than legalising cannabis, Ive never known the greens to be overly free on social issues. Have they really changed that much? "Anti smacking"-bradford, and "lets regulate fatty food" kedgely have been around for ages.

    ACT also may have been a bit conservitive on social issues but never more than national.

  6. Or perhaps, just maybe, ten questions is not enough to provide a deep analysis of one's political leanings.

  7. I laughed out loud when Prime put up a disclaimer saying that the program didn't represent the views of Prime News or Prime TV - like it was a program supporting the Klan or something. They are not heretics. Honest.

    Brian Smaller

  8. great programme, shame about the panel. and the presenter.

  9. Yes Anonymous.... I picked up on that too!

    Its pretty wierd when a TV station feels it has to have a disclaimer at the beginning of the programme.... I mean, if they were showing a doco on child porn, they wouldn't preface it with "Prime TV doesn't condone fucking little girls', or a doco on gambling problems wouldn't be screened with a disclaimer about Prime's views, would it?

    This 'Climate Change' bullshit really IS like a religion, isn't it?


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