Monday, 12 May 2008

The only one missing was Minto

Before the Libz Party conference over the weekend, a few of us spent part of Friday evening in Galbraith's.  I watched some fascinating musical chairs in the table right in front of us.

A 'pair' of Keith Locke's aides arrived first along with communist Wayne Hope (who once confessed to me that he and his comrades joined the Greens after the Alliance folded because they knew they could make it serve the same goals) and with them was a young girl from Greenpeace.  As the evening progressed the table was filled by a revolving group of comrades and fellow travellers, all clearly on very friendly terms, including commentator Chris Trotter and unionist and former Alliance leader Jill Ovens -- who was, if you recall, the proximate reason for the megaphone bashing during last year's Labour Party conference.

Also joining them for cloth caps and glasses of warm bitter were Ovens's husband Len Richards, the megaphone diplomat and former Alliance flunkie.  Following the Alliance's demise he's now gone Labour too.  And sharing the table with Richards was the young fascist from 'Socialist Worker - New Zealand'' who edits the Socialist Unity magazine, who organised the court-session protests on behalf of the Urewera 16, and also the noisy protest outside the Labour conference that  included slogans such as 'Helen Clark, terrorist,' 'State Terrorists Kidnapped My Friends,' and 'Chris Trotter, leftist imposter,' at which protest Richard's smacked his comrade-in-arms in the mouth.

The obvious camaraderie of this group of authoritarian shits belies the images of conflict they produce for the media.  Their goals never change -- only the vehicles they choose to achieve them.

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