Friday, 16 May 2008

Not exactly Titian, is it.


The world's most expensive painting by a living (bullshit) artist depicts a woman "in training for the Couch Potato of the Year Award in 1995, captured by the trembling hand of Lucian Freud."  (Here, by the way, is the Couch Potato.)  Says Coxsoft Art of the work: "Only a myopic hippopotamus could find 'Big Sue' aka Benefits Supervisor Sleeping aesthetically pleasing."  Apparently a myopic hippopotamus did take note, because  Lucian Freud's painting just sold at auction in New York for the whopping sum of US$34 million.

It's not exactly Titian, is it?


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  1. God, isn't it awful? And such boring subject matter. How many paintings out there are of a woman on a couch? If you want a decent painting of a fat woman, Jenny Saville did it so much better.

    Honestly, what do people see in this guy? It's like de's trying to channel Giotto's style into secular settings, but there's nothing interesting going on in his paintings.


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