Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Mercenaries for Myanmar

Liberty Scott calls for the use of mercenaries to deliver to devastated Burmese the aid that "the murdering thieving scum in Rangoon" are blocking.

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  1. Thats a good point that Liberty Scott made; but I would question the 'pointing of guns' at Burma's Junta.

    A far simpler solution would be for some country with a big airforce and large military cargo planes (?) to fly over the Irawaddy delta and parachute huge quantities of food and tents etc to the people.

    The planes would have to have protection and support, of course, but this would be better done in an extremely low-key way with as little overt gun-pointing as possible - just a huge donation direct to the source which would bypass the corrupt regime completely and get the help to where it is needed.

    I think the Burmese can distribute stuff by bicycle and by foot etc. They probably don't need hoardes of blue helmets trampling all over. They just primarily need food and shelter. Medical help would be nice too, but I guess the regime could easily stop anyone from providing that, simply by detaining the medics. But they wouldn't be able to stop an airdrop.


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