Monday, 26 May 2008

Kiwis can still fly.

ALeqM5hXw_TRfJK8tcciDXJgqiYQTMePlQ Congratulations to Scott Dixon, the first New Zealander to win the Indy 500, "the most prestigious race in north America."

"What a day, man, I just couldn't believe it," said an ecstatic Dixon after his triumph.

What an inspiration.

UPDATE: The Herald celebrates the world's fastest Manurewan.


  1. Bravo. Still can not believe Sir Frank Williams did not try harder to get this guy. Mind you not long after that BMW left them to work with Sauber - maybe they saw the writing on the wall?

  2. Different type of driver required for ovals versus road courses. Mybe Sir Frank reckoned the difference was too great for Scott to have been worth the risk?


  3. Maybe - but then he took on Montoya who had come out of Indycar - and who's experience with running starts helped him a lot in Grands Prix if restarting under safety car conditions. Besides, Scott has done plenty of racing on road courses in other formats.

  4. Hard to know. Perhaps someone should ask Sir Frank in an interview someday.



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