Tuesday, 6 May 2008

COMPETITION: Guess what?

A prize to the first person to identify the provenance of the building in this photo gets a prize and a loud cheer.


The prize will be ... let's see ... how about a copy of the latest Free Radical magazine.  And if you can get the correct century, or the continent, then you'll get the loud cheer. 

Here's your first clue: it hasn't been posted here before ... [Photo credit Matt Jalbert, Exuberance.Com]


  1. Picture is of Samuel Freeman House in Los Angeles
    Architect is Frank Lloyd Wright

  2. I should get an extra prize for posting the answer before the original post!

  3. Dammit! I saw a doco on FLW last week and recognised the stone work immediately.

    (in answer to your other question, PC: 20th century).

    Apparently the exterior stonework is falling apart these days, very sad.

  4. Crikey Alan, that's impressive.

    A correct answer, before I'd even posted it. :-)

    You'd better send me your mailing address - or would you prefer a digital copy? Let me know: organon@ihug.co.nz.

    And you might like to let readers know how you identified it.

  5. The secret is to hover your mouse over the image... ;)


  6. "The secret is to hover your mouse over the image..."

    Oops. I obviously need to get better at this.

  7. Nah, next time just give the image a misnomer red-herring type name so you can snap the cheaters.


  8. I'm lucky enough to have visited the site. Wasn't sure which of the FLW block houses it was but found image on web.

    A digital copy will be fine.


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