Monday, 5 May 2008

Boris beats Ken

boris-johnson Let me propose a useful test for all you Tories, and all you died-in-the-wool Boris lovers.  This is for every one of you who has hated everything Ken Livingston has ever done, including breathing, and who's cheered to a standstill Boris Johnson's weekend victory over the mad Marxist. 

I suggest you take a deep breath, and start being realistic. 

I suggest, as one way of measuring Boris's performance in office, that you might want to  award Boris a point every time he overturns something Red Ken introduced -- which was always something egregious.  How many points do you think he'll have earned before London's voters throw him out? 

And what do you think this will say about the nature of Tory government?


  1. Elijah Lineberry5 May 2008, 17:06:00

    Boris is one of my heroes and I was delighted at this victory.

    He is a self styled libertarian and I am eagerly awaiting his hilarious performance in office.

  2. "He is a self styled libertarian"

    Let's see if that turns out. I'd like to see London in the spotlight for libertarian ideas, but Boris would have a major task ahead of him, if he really wants to.

  3. Elijah Lineberry5 May 2008, 17:37:00

    Oh yes, I am fully expecting it Callum.

    The reason many in the Conservative Party have been against Boris as Mayoral Candidate is their fear he will let loose with his libertarianism once elected.

    What they called a 'gaffe' is usually Boris telling the truth and talking common sense...(if you know what I mean?)

  4. Once he has sorted out his bendy buses, it would be just marvellous if he would deal to the mega mosque plans with a match.

  5. yes he does seem a breath of fresh air. What a great contrast he makes to the tired, insincere & aloof Labour people. He actually seems quite likeable for a politician, quite classless for a Tory.
    Saw him on Dame Edna's show ranting on about reclaiming areas of France for England?!?! The humour didnt come through unfortunately.
    I do hope he does well, we all like a good BJ ;-)

  6. Well he should atart by ditching Red Ken's transport cordon with all its cameras, bugs, spies, charges and imposts. Call it what it is, totalitarianism, and flick it into the Channel!


  7. Are you sure Gary Busey isn't the new mayor of London?

  8. I don't know that much about Bj but Ken was expanding the size of government and putting his mates in key positions to divert funding to groups likely to support him. He was corrupt as all get out.

    BJ has said they will pursue the corruption and made sure no one could get into buildings to destroy documents after he won. Brilliant.

    I don't expect smaller government from him (not even the culling of Ken's expansions) but I do hope he exposes what Ken was doing.

  9. Boris already has two points I believe. For not going ahead with Ken's plan to extend the congestion zone and to charge large vehicles with high CO2 emissions more.

  10. Well he can get two more points if he eliminates the existing congestion zone scam altogether and if he pursues Red Ken's and his corrupt mates all the way to criminal conviction.



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