Friday, 23 May 2008

Climate refugees still inconveniently invisible.

    Did anyone watch Al Bore's academy-award-winning-Nobel-peace-prize-demeaning-Al-Bore-aggrandising work of science fiction on Sky Movies last night?
    Did anyone notice if the line about global warming having already made hundreds of thousands of climate refugees from low-lying Pacific islands come flooding into New Zealand was included?  (You'd think that might have been excised for an audience that knows better, wouldn't you?)
    Has anyone seen any of these "climate refugees" yet?  No?
    Anyone seen these islands being denuded by rising sea levels?  No?
    Anyone spot any of the the nine "errors" found by the British court, the "thirty-five" inconvenient truths found by Christopher Monckton, or the 120 one-sided, misleading, exaggerated, speculative, or wrong assertions that Marlo Lewis points out in his 'Skeptics Guide to An Inconvenient Truth?

Don't worry.  Most of the media haven't noticed them either.

Best you keep an eye out  for The Great Global Warming Swindle when it airs here next week on Prime TV. It's the perfect rejoinder to Al Bore's fantasy. 

Don't forget: Sunday June 1, 8:30pm, on Prime TV.  So that's prime time on Prime, Sunday the first .... spread the word around.


  1. "Has anyone seen any of these "climate refugees" yet? No?"


    "Best you keep an eye out for The Great Global Warming Swindle when it airs here next week on Prime TV. It's the perfect rejoinder to Al Bore's fantasy. "

    Perfect in that it's also full of 'errors', 'incovenient truths' and 'exaggerated, speculative, or wrong assertions'?

  2. "Has anyone seen any of these "climate refugees" yet? No?"


  3. "Perfect in that it's also full of 'errors', 'incovenient truths' and 'exaggerated, speculative, or wrong assertions'?"

    Such as.....?

  4. You encounter global warming zealots everywhere, even here! Collectivist vermin they always are!


  5. Apparently beefy male poms in the south of Spain take every opportunity to go around shirtless even in December much to the dismay of locals. Climate change for some has very ugly outcomes.

  6. Anon, do do KNOW that the creators of those websites you link to have a vested interest?
    If you read them, there are few facts and MANY assertions.

    In fact, you enviro-menaltists have scared one poor nation nearlyto death:
    "Leo Falcam, the former president of Micronesia, made the issue very clear when he said: Climate change is the biggest security threat we face."
    Shame that the climate is always changing then.

  7. That may be true, Clunking Fist, but are the other side any better? The answer, sadly, is no.

  8. anon, such as who?

    I suppose Al Gore simply made that assumption based on the large amount of Pacific Islanders living in NZ. Convenient, for him.

  9. Horansome.

    You reckon?

    I initially thought "Gee, this document (IPCC) has been put together by 1200 scientists to try and convince the politicians who seem to be disbelieving all this".

    The MMGW theory is straightforward and easy to understand. I heard that the "deniers" are all working for the oil companies. I thought "dirty fuckers".

    So I thought I'd have a listen to them, to see what sort of crap they peddled.
    First, they calmly pointed out their credentials. Then they ask people to look at the credentials of the alarmists.
    Then they fisked the main assumptions (now shown to be “leaps of faith”).
    But finally, they pointed out what warming would mean. That is, that is poses, on balance, a better way of life for most. Admittedly not all.
    Then the pointed out the costs and consequences of the “solutions”, especially the effect on ALL the world’s poor.
    Next they pointed out the futility of the “solutions”: freeloading, lack of ready alternatives (nuclear anyone?), that the highest profile alarmists don’t do as they say, but expect the proles to do as they say.

    SO then I sat back and thought about the other recent alarms.
    - Nuclear winter (my school was bussed into the city to see “The day after”, my children are in danger of being made to watch “Inconvenient Truth”)
    - global cooling (remember that?)
    - Africanised Killer Bees
    - Y2K (there’s a new version now, focused on 2038 and Linux, apparently)
    - Paedophiles
    - Bird Flu

    When children are told that the world is going to end, they get quite down and de-motivated. A teacher of mine, in the middle of class, demanded to know what was wrong with us. All her fellow teachers had mentioned our year were a de-motivated bunch (6th form). We looked at her in surprise. One of my classmates pointed out that we were all going to die and so why bother? Our teacher learnt something that day, too.

    So I urge you to listen to the dirty deniers. Then you'll have heard both sides and can made a better informed decision. Like I did.

  10. Clunking Fist.

    As a former global warming believer, my story is chillingly alike yours.


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