Friday, 12 October 2007

There's no Bore like a wrong Bore

One of the best things about Justice Burton's decision to declare that at the widely celebrated movie of one Albert Gore contains "nine significant errors or omissions" made in "the context of alarmism and exaggeration" is that this now gives writers the extra boon of new adjectives for Al Bore every time we have to mention him.

For example, "proven liar Al Gore said ..." or "convicted fraudster Al Gore arrived in his private jet today ..." or "embarrassed recently by a British court decision declaring his film to be full of holes, presidential wannabe and environmental alarmist Al Gore has said ..."

You get the picture. What other adjectives can you think of for the peddler of alarmism and exaggeration?

UPDATE 1: You can download the entire decision here in PDF form, and spend the weekend picking out choice epithets and adjectives to quote and re-quote about this "one-sided" piece of propaganda. Let me know your own favourites.

UPDATE 2: Aussie Tim Blair shares a few favourite adjectives in reporting that debate-dodging, "media-shunning, unsafe-for-children ecodunce Al Gore wins the Nobel Peace Prize.


  1. Yes, but An Inconvenient Truth was never a pure science documentary, was it. Like that favourite of skeptical folks, The Great Global Warming Swindle (which would undoubtedly suffer at least as an embarrassing a fate under the judge's gavel) it is part politics, part sentimental bullshit, and part science (as the truck driver bloke who took it to court characterised it).

    Anyone who thinks that the treatment of Al Gore's film has any kind of corollary effect on, say, the IPCC, needs to think carefully.


  2. We agree, Den. Bore's film is neither documentary nor science.

  3. Not that I'm any Al Gore cheerleader, but surely the Al 'Bore' joke is wearing a bit thin now? Reminds me of my very few ill-advised venturings into the mire of Kiwiblog, where they incessantly bat on about some political party called 'Liarbour'.


  4. Never mind the truth; Damn the torpedoes.

    Algore akbar!

    The man should be branded a pest, released with a mob of greens into mother nature somewhere in Northland and hunted down with pig dogs.

  5. "prodigious hype-monger"

    The thing is, like many (if not all) of the most vocal in the green camp, Al Gore has an agenda. And he is not principled enough to let the truth stand in the way of achieving his agenda.

    We can only guess at his agenda, based on the direction he is heading. But it certainly does not include increasing personal freedom and liberty.

    My worst fear is that he is after One World Government, as French President Jacques Chirac said during a speech at the Hague in November 2000 that represents "the first component of authentic global governance."

  6. DenMT

    The point is that this crook Bore is promoting an ideology which causes significant new controls to be instituted over other people and how they live their lives. His bullshit is intended as a justification for the institution of new regulations, more restrictions and more intrusions into how individuals are allowed to live. The Great Global Warming Swindle documentary does not do that. It's purpose is to warn of the lies that Bore is vomiting up. No effort is made to justify the erection of new laws, regulations, bureaucracies, carbon commissars, restructions on personal liberty or property etc. etc. etc. Anal Bore and his ilk are the ones doing that. BTW that includes the scammers at the IPCC- quacks all.


  7. How about Nobel Prize winning Lair!

  8. So he loses an ideologically motivated court case and wins the Nobel Peace Prize. Pretty fair swap, I must say.

    Don't expect PC and his ilk to admit it, but all they have left is name-calling ("Al Bore"? So funny. So mature), and the parallel world of laughable "conservative" science. The winds of political change are blowing against them. Even National is backing away from its climate denial.

    The only hope they have left is wresting political power, so by all means, vote Libertarianz! Help get the party of fantasy science above the 0.1% threshold!

  9. Nobel Peace Prize - didn't Yasser Aidsafat win that for saying he would reduce terrorist bombings of Israeli cafes, nightclubs and bus-stops (and was he ever going to?)?

    I saw the announcement live on the Beeb and the guy said GW would lead to fights over resources, forced mass migration, wars and a bunch of other hooey. Completely unsubstantiated scare-mongering garbage.

    The Nobel Institute has zero credibility.

  10. Robert Winefield13 Oct 2007, 06:18:00

    "it is part politics, part sentimental bullshit, and part science"

    If Global Warming is that real it shouldn't need lies to justify it. Supporters like yourself should be kicking Gore for diminishing the credibility of your arguments with patent lies.

    Instead all you can say is that "it is only as bad as the stuff from the other side."

    Damn that's devastating.

    Damn that's a powerful vindication of a documentary that ~will~ be used as the justification for ever more draconian laws that restrict ~your~ freedom and tax your wallet.

    The last is the only thing that matters to me. I couldn't give a crap about Gore's pet theories except when they are used to sharpen the governmental knife that slashes at my freedoms.

    If it wasn't for this, Gore's film would be about as important & interesting as Brittany Spear's latest CD.

  11. This award does not enhance Gore's standing.

    It degrades the Nobel.

  12. So what will be the next prize Gore wins? The Democrat nomination followed by the Presidency?

  13. Joseph Goebbells and Hitler were fixated with a book called 'the psychology of the masses'.
    Hitler is supposed to have said "the bigger the lie the more people will believe it" and also.
    "Aim your propaganda at the lowest mindset".
    eg..."Green is good." or "Your farts cause Hurricanes and will eventually destroy all life on earth except dung beetles."
    So much for the virtues of democracy!
    The great unwashed Morons are the plaything of Fantastic liars!
    Apparently Gore has shares in a company that brokers carbon credit deals!
    The world is run by Satan!
    Tim Wikiriwhi

  14. Brand 'Nobel' had just joined brand 'All Blacks'.


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