Monday, 14 April 2008

You can't be too rich


"You can't be too rich or too thin," goes the saying.  "Wrong," say sixty-thousand men who were asked whether they preferred women with curves, or stick insects who are all sharp corners.  Four out of five of those surveyed plumped for the more pneumatic option, overwhelmingly favouring size 12 and 14 women to size 8 stick insects.  (No information was taken regarding preferences shown in wallet sizes.) Conclusion, according to The Vine:

It seems their ideal girlfriends are pneumatic, not flat-tyred. They'd rather negotiate sweeping curves than sharp shoulders. They like women buxom, bosomy and bountiful.

And why not?  Yes, the survey is hardly scientific.  Yes, these are 60,000 men who read FHM magazine and who chose to reply to the survey, but if these blokes don't have an obvious interest in the subject, then who does, right?  Better to have something to hold on to than to be banging a bundle of kindling, right?

Wrong, says "body image expert" Julie Thomson, general manager of eating disorders and body image campaigners the Butterfly Foundation, who objects to the very premise that a bloke might enjoy looking at women, or fall in lust based on how they look (or at all). "It objectifies women ... perpetuating this ideal that men do look at women externally only ... centred around judging people based on what size they are ... it is very, very complex ..."  Maybe she's right.  Maybe this does objectify women.  Maybe we shouldn't just be perpetuating ideals of body shape -- maybe we should also be checking out whether they're rich.

NB: Let's have our own unscientific survey here.  Assuming those three young women above are all self-made rocket scientists, which of them would you prefer to be going home with?


  1. all of them, at once.

  2. I know I don't count. But if you put a gun to my head and said I had to pick on (or die), I'd go with the middle one - although she is a little too busty.

  3. A) Even her hair looks malnourished, Although she's probably fit and healthy.
    B) Has all the right curves, taut abs and smooth skin without any of those bones poking though... damn it shes perfect.
    C) I'm sure shes healthy enough, certainly no-where-near obese; but her head IS noticeably smaller in proportion to her body and her hips are wider than her chest and the curved as opposed to flat stomach...

    My mind was as far away from sex as possible (politics) when I looked at the picture. With that in mind only B conjured that primal urge. A or C would have to do something pretty deviant to get my attention, B would just have to smile, or walk in the room, and I'd become suddenly aware of my cardiovascular system.

  4. I reckon the first one has the hottest body, which is what we're meant to be judging this on, yes?

    Face-wise, No. 3's pretty fine.

    I'd tap that.

  5. I reckon the leftmost chick is definitely the most aesthetically appealing, however I'd choose the middle one to 'interact' with.


  6. I would fuck them all at once.

  7. If they were all self-made rocket scientists AND could read Chaucer in Middle English AND were each just as willing to teach me the finer points of differential equations...

    Who cares? Whichever one I liked the most.

    Yes, men are visual. But do women really still believe that men care for nothing else?

    And, er, um ,yeah... differential equations.... quite compatible with fishnets....

  8. So it's looking like B is the winner - but I would think that she is more a size 10 than 12-14.

  9. As I've had them all at some ime its only right I share my wisdom....

    A was ok but I was hell scared of snaping the poor thing in half during doggy....a Woman who can start a fire by rubbing her legs together ain't as much fun as you may think....;-)

    B was great! Just enough cushin for the pushin...she was able to go at least 15 mins before she had to have "her orgasum"....yawn!

    But C....oh baby! This gal knew she was starti9ng behind on the knoobing stakes so raelly went to town and riode me like the last bronco on the caramba!

    But it cooled a bit when I said I though she could stand to loose a few pounds....."What!? She screamed...."How do you figure that?"

    "Well".. I said...."When you sit on my face I can't hear the stereo"

    When I woke up in intensive care she was nowhere to be seen....

  10. I've already done one of the three, and it wasn't the fat one.

  11. The way you wrote this post, it's a good thing CP doesn't read your blog. ;-)

    I'd favour someone between A and B, which is what I've just got.

    Best regards,

    The cat that got the cream.

  12. Sorry,

    I'm a Kiwi. I don't do hard left or right.


  13. I agree with Annie that B is more a size 10 - pretty petite by Kiwi standards. All three look desirable because they are young but what will happen as they get older? C has the greatest potential to grow enormous unless drastic action is taken. I’d go for A or B as a long-term prospect although B looks a better bet for child-bearing if that is the objective. A looks a better bet as a workout partner. Short term bit of physical fun, any of the three but for fashion accessory I'd go for B.

  14. Jesus what a shower you lot are! I haven't seen so much shit being slung around since I visited the monkey house at the San Diego zoo.

    20-50 something anonymous unattached/single male: "Cor I'd sleep with A & B but not C."

    Wot a load of complete bollocks.

    Number one, all of you would be lucky to have even gotten the time of day off of any lady as good looking as these ladies and number two every bloody one of you has happily gone to bed with less exotic specimens and been damned pleased with yourselves afterwards.

    Unless you are or George Clooney and Brad Pitt is going to sleep with any of you dreamers just because you snapped your fingers.

    In real life the female is an individual with her own asthetic preferences in men, and I'd bet good money that the only time any of you ugly bastards (Annie Fox excepted naturally) would have a shot at these ladies would be 12 months after they're in the ground.

    What a load of bullshit -- Y'all should run for political office.

  15. aaaaaarrrrggghhh - I cant chose! - they are all lovely

    Eeny meeny miny

    B then - NO, A - mmm C

  16. Robert Winefield15 Apr 2008, 15:34:00

    A chocolate fish to the person who guesses what size the highly desirable Marilyn Monroe was...

    Bonus question:

    Compared to the average woman, how much lighter (by percentage) is the average female model...

  17. i'd do them all like a human kebab.
    seriously though ... she gotta have curves & a mind

  18. Robert, I remember once reading in a medical journal that MM was a healthy (NZ) size 14-16. The same article went on to say that current models weigh something like 30% less than those of her era.

  19. Number one, all of you would be lucky to have even gotten the time of day off of any lady as good looking as these ladies Anonymous

    Wot? It's just a bit of skirt not goddesses...LOL.

  20. The one on the right. Perfect in my opinion. Rocket scientist or not, she would have to be good at housekeeping though.

    Brian Smaller

  21. one of your toughest questions yet pc.lets face it boys theyre all pretty dam sexy in their own have to suspect nearly all guys would love a bit of action with any of these 3.

  22. B.

    A doesn't appeal and although C is nice, B gets me going more.


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