Wednesday, 9 April 2008

'The Wave' - Frank Lloyd Wright

It's said that an environmental protestor is someone who's already got their bush cabin, and just wants to stop the other guy having his.

Fiona Anderson's is a similar kind of dishonest rent-seeking.  The founder of a group set up to oppose Marc Ellis's proposed cafe at Piha --  "a cafe would make Piha less unique, less restful, and bring more traffic and noise" she said in her submission opposing Ellis's cafe -- she was there this morning on Piha's holy ground with a cafe of her own: a mobile cafe dubbed 'The Wave.'

Her excuse: "I'm just providing what people want." Story here.  I'd recommend if you're out at Piha that you order up a cup of mud from Fiona, fling it straight at her smug two-faced boat-race, and tell her what you want is less power for people like her to stop other people's enterprise.

What's this all got to do with Frank Lloyd Wright?  Well, nothing at all, really, except that he designed a gorgeous beachside complex in Carmel, California for a client called Stuart Halporn that he dubbed 'The Wave': in the words of Wright "an appropriate, luxurious, steel-and-masonry shelter on a completely exposed ocean front where heavy surf breaks over great rocks piled on the shore.  The steel fenestration opening only beneath on account of wind, the sunken garden (excavated earth transferred to the top of the house for insulation) and the terrace for recreation are its main features."

The views shown here are Wright's original sketches for the project.

UPDATE: Looks like Ms Anderson has got the bum's rush already from those she sought to enlist in Ellis's expulsion.  If you live by the sword ...

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  1. Peter even though these houses no doubt blend in with the environment - I cannot imagine Old Masters on the walls. They scream Warhol and funny looking plastic chairs.

    I have been trying to get my eldest to do Architecture - she got top marks in NZ for Cambridge Tech Drawing and design - but no - she thinks architecture is 'gay'. She likes the Georgian style like I do - and everyone likes all these modern things like you post with flat roofs or roofs sticking out at all angles.

    No offense. It maybe the way she has been taught.


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