Thursday, 3 April 2008

Peter Brown is right

Peter Brown is right.

Mr Brown says if New Zealand continues its open-door immigration policy, the country could be inundated with people who have no intention of integrating into society.

Quite right.  If immigration continues, we'll undoubtedly be "inundated" with more xenophobic bigots just like him, since such bigots can be found everywhere -- and their stench makes the whole world a lesser place --  but more importantly we'll also be "inundated" with good, hard-working people full of drive and enterprise, people who come here for a better life and who, by doing so, make this country a better place, despite the likes of Mr Brown and his party leader Winston Peters being in it.

UPDATE: It's true too that people "form their own mini-societies" just as Brown charges, but what his blind bigotry makes him unable to notice is that most "mini-societies" are made up of people who choose each other's company based not on race, but on the basis of shared values. People who like playing computer games, driving fast cars and talking philosophy for example will tend to spend a lot of time with other people who, respectively, like playing computer games, driving fast cars and talking philosophy. 

That's a good thing.  That's how a civilised society works.

And it's a good thing too that bigots like spending time with other bigots -- it saves us for the most part from being inflicted with their stench, except of course in election years.


  1. These guys keep making me think of the current crop of Kiwibank adverts on TV at the moment. There is a certain amount of xenophobic provincial hickness to them as well.

  2. Xenophobia isn't just the domain of the provinces, Nick. It's alive and well everywhere. But you're right about those K/bank ads. They've been nauseating since day one. I cringe every time they come on.

    The smug "aren't we wonderful & you should all envy us" attitude reminds me a little of what essayist Theo Dalrymple once said in a radio interview, about unemployed, marginalised youth - your classic lost causes - in the UK and France possessing a level of self-importance verging upon arrogance totally disproportionate to any achievement or success.

    If you see what I mean.

  3. Makes me glad I disconnected our TV antenna. Plugged it back in the other day and was suddenly reminded why I had disconnected it in the first place.

    The smug "aren't we wonderful & you should all envy us" attitude reminds me a little of what essayist Theo Dalrymple once said in a radio interview......

    That seems to be a very common attitude - not just with people at the bottom of the heap. It's as if there is some sort of psychological compensation happening to account for or rationalise actual (or perceived) failings in life. It often manifests as "the world/foreigners/rich people are at fault - not me" way of thinking. This attitude seems to motivate significant swathes of the population, particularly but not exclusively the political left.

  4. Anyone else notice that the most rabidly anti immigrant callers to talk back are British?

    Go to the Standard and watch John Campbell own Peter Brown. And I mean own.

    I never thought I'd recommend either Campbell or the Standard, but thankfully everyone seems to agree on how vile Brown's message is.

  5. Nick, those buy NZ made ads must make Ministry officials, anyone with a course in economics under their belt, hang their heads.

    Afterall, the claims that "we're making jobs, and we're making money" are both false. What you're really doing is shifting demand away from some parts of the economy and into other favoured parts. Actually, buying NZ made moves jobs out of some sectors and into others, and by doing so in spite of comparative advantage you are making the country poorer.

    Shame on the Ministry of Economic Development (you know, the guys who are supposed to know this stuff) or whoever forced them to put their name to that campaign.

  6. As far as immigration goes, I vote for keeping the door closed to muslims. This comment also applies to the real estate post above.

  7. What you seem to forget Rebel is that in a genuinly free country, the government would not prohibit anyone from entering, unless they had a criminal background. In fact the government would not be responsible for entrance into the country at all.
    Although Islam has been shown to influence people to commit criminal acts, the amount of muslims who have not commited serious offences, to those who have, remain large enough to give muslim individuals the benefit of the doubt.

  8. Benefit of the doubt?

    More fool you.

  9. Declare war on certain Islamic countries and prevent immigration by citizens of those countries, by all means, but unless you have evidence of an intent to do harm, you have no business banning goat-fuckers.

  10. unless you're a goat

  11. ...the country could be inundated with people who have no intention of integrating into society.

    This oft trotted out cliche has always amused me. As noted in the update, we have freedom of association... Why does anyone *have* to integrate? They don't - and it doesn't matter either.

  12. Malaysia, under the leadership of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has been recognized, worldwide, as being "a working model of renewal, reform, and the beginnings of a renaissance" for the Muslim world at large."

    His reformist vision has been acknowledged not only by leaders from the OIC but also by no less than the New Zealand’s Prime Minister herself.


    KUALA LUMPUR: A seminar on Sharia Law review wants non-Muslims found committing khalwat (close proximity) with Muslims to also be held liable.


  14. Writing as a man with an eye for beautiful young ladies I say immigration is a wonderful thing. Chinese girls, Japanese girls, Korean girls, Somali girls etc all enhance the New Zealand social landscape providing a rich target environment for the young (and not so young) man about town.

    Which brings us to the question of Muslims. It seems that there young ladies are unavailable unless you convert to Islam and even as eye candy they are rather limited due to their dress codes yet their men seem to be able to do as they will. This is reason enough to restrict the immigration of Muslims into this country because it is just not fair. Their guys get the pick of all the ladies yet their women are out of bounds – surely a recipe for social discord.


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