Thursday, 17 April 2008

Frank Lloyd Wright for sale


For a cool US$7.5 million, you can be the proud owner of Frank Lloyd Wright's Alice Millard House in California (which I've blogged before).  Sold for $1.3 million just a few years ago (and reportedly costing a similar amount to restore), the house is now a mint example of Wright's 'textile block' California houses.  Says Architectural Digest of the home:

Of La Miniatura, which he built for rare-book dealer Alice Millard in Pasadena, Frank Lloyd Wright once said, “I would rather have built this little house than St. Peter’s in Rome.” It was an extravagant statement, even for the self-assertive architect, who made the masterpiece  out of concrete blocks he called “the cheapest (and ugliest) thing in the building world.” Set in an arroyo near the Rose Bowl, the residence consists of a three-bedroom, three-bath main house and a studio designed by his son Lloyd in 1926.

Details here; Flickr set here; Architectural Digest listing here; hat tip Prairie Mod.

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  1. It's still for sale and there was talk on Stuff site of moving it to Japan:


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