Wednesday, 5 March 2008

What will they say when Obama loses?

Now that Obama has won Vermont and looks all but certain to either or both of Ohio and Texas -- and with either of these he wins the Democratic candidacy for Election 08 -- perhaps the most important question about Obama's candidacy is not going to be his inexperience, or what he actually stands for apart from opposition to war and free trade, or what connection he really has to the Chicago communist party, or just how much of a flake he really will be when it comes to dealing with foreign aggressors, but something much, much more important than all of these.

The most important question, says Jason at Save the Humans is this: what excuses will his supporters have when he delivers the worst result for the Democrats since George McGovern lost to Richard Nixon?  For your answer, see: 25 Reasons Democrats Will Give if Obama Loses the Presidency.


  1. Whoops, Shrillary won TX, OH and RI. D'oh!

  2. Aha! Hillary gets another life! The black Irishman Barry O'Bama has had his string of primary victories broken.

    Prediction for November: the US general election will be a stunning win for Libertarian Party candidate Wayne Root, after the socialist vote is split between McCain, Clinton and Nader; it will be the first victory by a third party candidate since Abraham Lincoln.

  3. And when Shrillary loses, what will they say:

    1) It's because she's a woman...


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