Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Hartley out, Wall in

706652 With a losing election already staring her in the face, Louisa Wall (right) was sworn into parliament today as a Labour MP, giving her a shorter shelf-life than week-old yoghurt.  She replaces Ann Hartley who is returning to a sinecure on the North Shore City Council.

In honour of Ann Hartley then, I'm reposting a cartoon from The Free Radical that is certain to offend the humourless.  It appeared when Hartley enjoyed the role of mayor of North Shore City Council ...

                           North Shore

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Blogger Andrew said...

She's an immensely talented athlete according to Cathy but clearly she still sees herself as part of a collectivist identity.

Little doubt where she got that:

"She has university degrees in social policy and social work."

5 Mar 2008, 21:47:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come now. She's just another nobody sucking off the state titty. Slup, gulp, belch, fart.

Betcha she develops a fat bum and bingo wings.

7 Mar 2008, 06:33:00  

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