Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Hartley out, Wall in

706652 With a losing election already staring her in the face, Louisa Wall (right) was sworn into parliament today as a Labour MP, giving her a shorter shelf-life than week-old yoghurt.  She replaces Ann Hartley who is returning to a sinecure on the North Shore City Council.

In honour of Ann Hartley then, I'm reposting a cartoon from The Free Radical that is certain to offend the humourless.  It appeared when Hartley enjoyed the role of mayor of North Shore City Council ...

                           North Shore


  1. She's an immensely talented athlete according to Cathy but clearly she still sees herself as part of a collectivist identity.

    Little doubt where she got that:

    "She has university degrees in social policy and social work."

  2. Come now. She's just another nobody sucking off the state titty. Slup, gulp, belch, fart.

    Betcha she develops a fat bum and bingo wings.


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