Friday, 21 March 2008

Religionists vs non-religionists on air

A friend has uploaded for me the four-handed religion debate this morning from Lindsay Perigo's show on Radio Live this morning, which I'm told was brilliant radio.  I have to take his word for that at this stage since I was sleeping at the time, but you can click here to hear the debate in its full MP3 brilliance.

On the side of there being angels is Brother Richard Dunleavy and the Reverend Richard Randerson.  Arguing against are Perigo and, from the Rationalists Association, Mr Bill Cooke.

It kicks off with Perigo announcing that God is a psychopath...


  1. Is the file about 14mb? Only shows 33min play time in my media player

  2. My favorite bit was after the interview, when a listener rang in and pinned Perigo on the religious inclinations of some of the main instigators of the enlightenment and the ridiculous assumptions involved in superimposing current ideas over the dark ages in order to make a point.

    Once again, Perigo's inability to see anybodies point of view sans his own shone though, burying himself further with piss weak retorts he could not get the caller cut off fast enough.

    Now that is what I call entertainment!

  3. Anonymous

    You're not telling the truth. Perigo listened to the man and politley rebutted him. The caller didn't have a clue; merely another religious nutter making excuses for the inexcusable.



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