Friday, 21 March 2008

Party (pills) on Campus

Highly amusing to read Jim Banderton's apoplectic response to ACT on Campus's Auckland Uni branch selling party pills to encourage students to sign up.  My own reaction when I heard the plan was just the opposite -- I was pissed off that Libz on Campus hadn't thought of it first.  Damn!

Perhaps there's hope for young ACToids after all, just as long as they don't go as soft as their seniors.  As Duncan says over at Kiwiblog, "Maybe ACT does have a chance, if only they’d roll Hide & Douglas in favour of some young blood with balls."

I was amused too to see this exchange in the comments at Kiwiblog:

JAMES W.: “Does Jim have a youth wing?”
MIKE COLLINS: "Yes. It involves Matt Robson, Botox and a hippy wig."


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  1. I Tried Trip2night for the first time last night around 9:30 pm. I started to feel effects around 11pm, effects lasted around 5 hours or more. Some of the effects were energy, dizziness, strong buzz like effects, euphoric feelings, happy, silly, and energy to dance all night long. The product made me horny, although that usually doesn’t take much.

    I bought the product from The product came in a powder form with directions to add 1 scoop to fruit juice. I still have a lot left over for next week. For the amount I took; I think I will get around 9 servings out of one pack; although it says 20 servings on the directions.


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