Friday, 28 March 2008

Biofuels boondoggle gaining attention

The biofuels boondoggle is gaining increasing attention, both here and overseas, and not before time.  Bread riots in the Twenty-First century?  That's something only governments and subsidy-seeking 'businessmen' could achieve.  Unconcerned that laws requiring so called 'sustainable' fuels will result in exorbitant fuel price rises of "just" fifteen percent or more?  That's something you'd think only a Green politician could be doing -- but no, they're all doing it -- all of them suggesting against the evidence that talking about alternative fuels and including the magic word "sustainability" in the biofuels bill will somehow, like magic, make everything alright.

It's dumb.

The boondoggle is getting attention, but its dangerous momentum seems almost inexorable.  Once again, the lesson of the law of unintended consequences will be demonstrated by the spectacle of politicians once again making the world worse, and voters blithely voting for more of the same.

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