Wednesday, 26 March 2008

'Atrium' - Vincent Korda

A multi-storey atrium model from the 1936 film 'Things to Come' -- an atrium prefigured by the likes of Frank Loyd Wright's Larkin Building and Rogers Lacy Hotel project, and brought to reality again four decades after Korda in the multi-storey atria of John Portman.


  1. Whats all this then - I thought Wikipedia was off-limits here? :-)

  2. I've said many times that Wikipedia for controversial topics should always be considered off-limits in polite company.

    AFAIA John Portman is hardly considered controversial, except by those who can't read?

  3. Ah I see - refer to Wiki articles when you like and agree with the subject, but make it "off-limits" when the content of the article doesn't suit your purpose.

    As long as we've got that clear ...


  4. I could either repeat myself, or you could read my comment again. Up to you.

  5. Regarding Wikipedia;



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