Wednesday, 27 February 2008

'The Vermilion Kimono' (detail) - Evan Wilson


Here's another award winner in the Art Renewal Center's 2007 International ARC Salon.  This stunning piece won artist Evan Wilson an honourable mention. [Oil on linen, 36"x42"]

Click the picture to see the painting's full brilliance.

UPDATE 1: If you're having trouble downloading the full painting -- and believe me, it's worth it -- it's here. It's 2MB or so, so give it a minute.  Or you can see a smaller version here, where it looks like you can still buy the original!

UPDATE 2: The artist's website is here.  I like this description of his work on the home page from the curator of the Huntsville Museum of Art:

The accomplished paintings of Evan Wilson imbue everyday reality with a heightened sense of elegance and grace. His varied subjects–including engaging portraits, dazzling floral still lifes, genteel interiors, and vibrant genre scenes–transcribe the world into something slightly rarified, a realm in which beauty reigns supreme. For nearly twenty-five years, Wilson has worked as a professional artist in the venerable realist tradition, evolving a painting style that fuses the keen observational clarity of John Singleton Copley with the dash and spirit of John Singer Sargent. His best works capture the present as they acknowledge the past, and underscore the enduring power of realism in skilled and dedicated hands.


  1. Rats--I get a "page not found" error message when clicking on the pic.

  2. Shouldn't do. It's a 2MB file to download, so it might take a while on dial up, but well worth it :-)

  3. Check your link - it might just be me but I don't think it works.

    And that *is* art. What's New Zealand done? Send a port-a-loo to Venice?

  4. Thanks PC. No, I'm on broadband. The link was stuffed.
    Got it now, though and it's spectacular!

  5. Happy to oblige, KG.

    ERIC, you said: "What's New Zealand done?"

    Well, there is David Knowles. :-)

  6. There's an awful lot of naked folk about in art.

  7. There's an awful lot of naked folk about in art.

    I agree Eric. Artists are obsessed with cocks & pussies, nothing else. There is only one reason for that. Naked pictures tend to sell.

  8. I must say your crop of the picture is actually better than the full one. But checked out the website, this artist is indeed doing great work.

  9. You are wrong Bernard. The full picture shows a mostly naked redhead and is thus infinitely superior.

  10. Richard McGrath3 Mar 2008, 12:58:00

    Wow! What an amazing artist. That is a truly beautiful painting. ANd the artrenewal website is well worth a browse.


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