Monday, 4 February 2008

A swift boat for McCain (updated)

Arch-Republicans Ann Coulter and Jack Wheeler agree: Don't back McCain.  Says Coulter, "I'd rather deal with President Hillary than with President McCain. With Hillary, we'll get the same ruinous liberal policies with none of the responsibility."  You can see video of Coulter's admission here.  For Wheeler's part, he explains:

I would not in any circumstances vote for John McCain, not if either Hillary or Obama were the alternative.  Evil is safer than crazy.  Leftie amateur inexperience is safer than crazy...

A McCain presidency will be the destruction of the Republican Party.  It needs to be rebuilt, not wiped out with the field clear for the fascists of the left to consolidate power and eliminate freedom.
And maybe the only way to rebuild it is in dedicated impassioned opposition to a Clinton White House.  That should be the subject of Ann Coulter's next book.  I've already got the title for her.  Her last book was If Democrats Had Any Brains, They'd Be Republicans.  Ann needs to now write this book:  If Republicans Had Any Brains, They'd Be Republicans.

Wheeler's opposition to McCain is visceral -- "psychologically unstable" he calls him.  Worse, says Wheeler:

That John McCain is clinically nuts is scary enough.  What worries a small group of GOP Senators and Congressmen even more is a deep and dark skeletal secret in McCain's glorified past to which they are privy, and which [they believe] the Clintons will use to blackmail him.

Read Wheeler's whole article here to see what McCain is accused of.

UPDATE: Links fixed.


  1. Is it the allegation that he had it sweet in Nth Vietnam?


  2. Ha ha..oh gosh Peter, this is highly amusing.

    Somehow I think Mr Wheeler and others having been watching too many of the Rambo films.

    (It is not McCain who is 'psychologically unstable' by the sounds of it)

  3. Link fixed. Thanks Berend.

  4. "Somehow I think Mr Wheeler and others having been watching too many of the Rambo films."

    Maybe so. But his POW heroism is a big part of McCain's package -- if it's not as described, that says a lot about McCain's honesty.

  5. You can see video of Coulter's admission here.

    Um, the Paris Hilton of the right shock-jocking on 'Innanity and the Other Guy'? It would be more link-worthy if she actually said anything half-way intelligent.

    Would I be wrong in saying she's got a book to shill, and since she was dis-invited from the C-PAC conference after last year's 'faggot' debacle, this is the best platform she has to reach the legion of Ann-droids.

    Makes you yearn for the days when the public face of American conservatism was William F. Buckley -- who at least could put together a coherent argument, and called Gore Vidal a fag with some patrician brio.

    Between the Coulter-droids and the Paul-ettes, I don't think a Clinton Administration is going to be "the same ruinous liberal policies with none of the responsibility." I'd rather see a third Billary Administration than Mitt ('flip, flop, fib' Romney or the Huckster, for whom the Bible trumps the Constitution every time. If that's Coulter's idea of the real face of the GOP and conservatism, she deserves eight years of Billary and a Democrat Congress.


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