Friday, 1 February 2008

Second Jacobs House - Frank Lloyd Wright



shintbw1Wright designed the first house for journalist Herbert Jacobs and his wife in 1936 -- it was the first of Wright's 'Usonian' houses, costing $5500 including architect's fee.

  The Jacobs family loved their first house so much that when they moved in 1942 in order to get away from the town that was sprawling out to meet them Jacobs-BW(Wright's advice when first the bought -- which they didn't take -- was to buy out as far as they could afford, then go out just a litle bit further)  they commissioned another Wright house, and once again he produced a 'first.' 

This time it was what he called a double-storey 'solar hemicycle' for the northern American prairies; tucked down behind an earth berm to protect it from freezing northerlies, shdaeriaand opening up to the south on both ground floor and mezzanine to sun and gardens and a pool half-inside and half-outside.

The Jacobs family built the house themselves, and by their own account lived a charmed life there.

Jacobs-Plan Jacobs-section

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