Thursday, 31 January 2008

Paying no-hopers to breed produces ....

Here's another government disaster we're now all paying for:  The tremendous rise in youth crime.  The explosion in youth crime since the early eighties is largely due to people being paid by the government to have children they don't want.

Paying people to have children they didn't want started in the early seventies.  By the early eighties those children were old enough to make other people's lives a nightmare, and the violent crime statistics much larger.

Think about it.  What sense is it being forced to pay no-hopers to breed, and then wondering why their progeny go wrong?


  1. PC, I didn't agree with you on the state's involvment in education a couple of threads back.... but I have to say I totally agree with you on this one. The state has indeed been paying no-hopers to breed for years and the results have been catastrophic.

    In my view, all DPB should be scrapped. it would not be humane or possible to cut people off like switching off a tap, so the state should give, say, a grace period of 18 months, after which there will be NO more new DPBs paid at all. This should be followed up with a five to seven year period of scaled reductions of existing payments culminating in the absolute abolition of the DPB as we know it. These changes should be very thoroughly publicised so that even the dumbest of our bottom-feeders can understand the consequences of continuing to behave irresponsibly.

    Widow(er)s who are solely caring for their child(ren) should be exempt, as long as the other parent was living with the surviving spouse at the time of their death.



  3. There is no need for swearing, Mr Mef***ya...using swear words is rather ignorant and 'Non U'

  4. well, gosh, mefuckya, that contributed a whole lot to the debate. I'm so glad to hear from a person of your obvious erudition and insight.

    Thank you for your sharing.

  5. I guess we just heard from one of the products of the failed DPB system, eh?

  6. KG

    Actually, he's a product of the NZ state compulsory, state-run education system. Take a look at what he wrote. It's a barely articulate outpouring of frustrated anger. He's annoyed at the content of your posts but he has nothing to contribute (no argument, no opinion, no thought) and can't express himself logicaly (he only has his emotion). Such a person is likely to be moody and violent. Quite irrational.

    Consider, he's had over a decade of "education". The outpouring above is as good as it gets for him.


    As far as the DPB is concerned, the whole thing should be ceased immediately. It relies on theft for funding, so halt and desist with the theft. You do not stop a criminal by letting him continue to steal over years and years. Same deal here. Immediate cessation.


  7. "The outpouring above is as good as it gets for him."
    Which is pretty damn sad,lgm. I've been trying to find some information on the effect of vocabulary on thought, because surely kids leaving school with very limited means to express themselves must as a result have very limited thought processes?
    If you have any idea of where I ought to be looking, please let me know.
    All I've found so far is Marxist edubabble.

  8. kg, I'm not sure about facts and figures etc in the way of formal research results.... but I remember hearing an ex-senior prison officer on radio a year or so back who had some revealing information to impart.

    He said that a huge proportion of the inmates of Paremoremo (something like 70%) had almost no vocabulary at all. They couldn't read even straightforward sentences and their spoken vocabulary was something like 400 to 500 words in total, of which only about 100 were regularly used.

    This meant that their verbal reactions to external stimulii were reduced to a series of simple grunts ("choice man, sux, fuckU, yerr, eh, bro") and they have almost no ability to communicate even the shallowest of intellectual concepts as they have no words to frame their thoughts.

    As for written communication, this seems to be entirely out of the question for these people, and so their experience of the world and their interactions with it are reduced almost to that of unsubtle body language and facial expressions only (much like the All Blacks before a match, actually! OMG).

    Sorry I couldn't supply stats and links, but I hope this helps.


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