Thursday, 7 February 2008

Looks like a good bloke to me

I'm beginning to like the cut of Phillip Field's gib, especially as it looks like he's happy to thumb his nose at bureaucracy as he has his gib installed.  I had no problem with him helping out a constituent who was being mucked around by the Immigration Department, I appreciated his voting against Labour's speech rationing and nationalisation of children bills, and I enjoyed hearing yesterday's news that he's pushed on with much need building work at his rental homes without worrying himself about getting pesky building consents first.

If he wasn't a politician, I could almost like the man.


  1. You've got it backwards on the nationalisation of children. Surely treating children like property and allowing them no individual rights over themselves is more akin to nationalisation than giving them ownership over their own bodies?

    Freedom for some but not for those you have the power to oppress is it?

  2. I wonder what fines Norm Kirk would have racked up for building his own house?

    How dare anybody be self reliant in providing shelter for themselves without feeding an army of bureaucrats first!

    'Let this be a lesson to you' says the judge.

  3. anonymous, what the hell are you going on about?

  4. Yea anon, that was a crazy post. You've got that exactly backwards.


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