Thursday, 21 February 2008

Islamist history in bite-sized chunks

Powell I'm really looking forward to starting Scott Powell's online history course on The Islamist Entanglement later this afternoon -- and it's not too late to sign up yourself.  If you’ve heard about Powell History’s unique content and method, and clients’ rave reviews (and here too!) then you might like to know he's offering students a keen deal:

    Try one.  You don’t have to commit to the whole course — a steal at $249, but still a good chunk of change.  Instead pay the discounted rate of only $20 for a single lecture.
    I guarantee you’ll like what you hear.
    And then you can take another one at the same discounted rate (limit of two!).
    Then, when you’re ready to commit to truly learning history for yourself, you can can use your payments as installments on the full price of the course.
    There’s never been an easier way to gain an independent knowledge of the past!
    CLICK HERE NOW, to get started!

But be quick.  First lecture starts in just three hours.

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  1. "The use of the word "entanglement" is also, however, my subtle way of alluding to the fact that this recent trend in American foreign policy is a tragic deviation from a different approach to foreign relations once advocated by the Founding Fathers."

    Hey cool, Peter Cresswell and Ron Paul - you'se gonna be "like that"


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