Friday, 25 January 2008

Wine O'Clock

471pic1 Don't worry, the regular Friday avo Beer O'Clock posts will be reappearing once the holiday season is over and your regular correspondents return. 

In the meantime, I'm looking forward to getting up to Ascension Vineyard in Matakana tonight to enjoy the music of Graham Brazier and Dave McCartney, and the fine products of a very good vineyard.

It should be an awful experience...


  1. I hope Graham Brazier's music is a whole lot better than his standard of english. I had a quick look at the 'Hello Sailor' site to which you linked and clicked on his name....

    With no dates in the first three paragraphs and garbled grammar and almost undecipherable sentence construction, this stands out as probably the worst-written bio I have ever read.

    Anyway, he is probably quite a good musician, and the setting sounds nice, so enjoy :-)

  2. Oops... sorry. He doesn't seem to be a good musician.

    I had a listen to some of the samples and it sounds like he belongs to the heavy-handed unsubtle thrash school of Kiwi noise with overbearing drums failing to compensate for a lack of melodic structure.

    Ahh, the peace and tranquility of a vineyard in summer, eh..? What a pity... Hope the lyrics make sense...

  3. There are fewer sadder sights than pedants playing Canute with the tide of language change.

    Brazier is an excellent poet as well as musician. Wasted on you, perhaps.

    These comments are another sign of the intellectual superiority of the

    Like the Dr Phil critique of John Key's beach

    You know, a lot of people are under the impression they're thought leaders because they dick around at political blogs. Reality seems to be somewhat different.

  4. As Herman Hesse observed in "The Glass Bead Game', the music that a society produces says volumes about its state of development.

    Graham Brazier's music sounds (to me) like an ugly cacophanous noise devoid of melody or subtlety of any kind. It is, indeed, totally wasted on me.

    Mine is, of course, a completely subjective judgement, but as I have no intention of seeking work as a music critic for, say, the Listener, I don't expect a full endorsement of my views, hahaha!

    As for the 'tide of language change', perhaps this is the equivalent route in language as the 'music' is taking. The Canute motif is colourful but inaccurate. The tide seems to be going out, rather than in.

    Anyway... I pity the neighbours of this vineyard if they are within 5 kms of the stage.

  5. Brazier and Mcartney?!?! is not quite Beethoven and Wagner, is it?

    Still, I am happy to encourage working class people in profitmaking undertakings, however cringe-inducing, and hope the weekend goes well.

    I shall be tuned to Concert FM as usual...

  6. Elijah, what a snobby euro-elitist you are, lol! I'll be doing my bit to support Kiwi music. I'll be listening to my Voxnova and Pitch Black CDs. Vonova while cooking the dinner and Pitch Black to unwnid with a glass of wine during and afterwards. Concert FM indeed! :-)

  7. Oh yes, Dave... 'Elijah, what a snobby euro-elitist you are, lol!'...sums me up rather

    If there are two things I cannot stand it is poor people, foreigners and 'pop' music!

  8. OTOH maybe PC meant it when he said "It should be an awful experience"

    Even with all the bozos on the internet he found you Lineberry and gave you a platform, so my bad, I guess.

    Nothing surprises me anymore.

  9. So, how was it, Peter? hehehehe....


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