Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Money: "Pathology & reality"

Here's a timely plug from the Mises Store:

Recent daily articles on Mises.org have addressed the economic downturn, and the unbearably bad response from Washington and the Fed [and the world's central banks]. These people have learned all the wrong lessons from the Great Depression. There is nothing that the planners won't consider at this point: wage and price controls, floods of new money, exchange controls, protectionism, hundreds of billions in public works – you name it.
The good news is that all the literature necessary to combat this nonsense is in print. The Austrian perspective is there to make sense of the current economic mess.

Visit the Mises Store to find all the literature that's fit to buy on the crisis that could define the next few years...

America's Great Depression - Rothbard
Buy Now: $29.00

Panic of 1819 - Rothbard
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Money, Bank Credit Econ Cycles - Juerta de Soto
Buy Now $45.00

Causes of Economic Cycles - Mises
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Understanding the Dollar Crisis - Greaves
Buy Now: $22.00

Organization of Debt into Currency - Carroll
Buy Now $30.00

Theory of Money and Credit - Mises
Buy Now $20.00

Fiat Money in France - White
Buy Now $13.00

Time and Money - Garrison
Buy Now $24.00

Government Against the Economy - Reisman
Buy Now $22.00

Economics of Inflation - Costantino
Buy Now $32.00

Economics of Illusion - Hahn
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History of Money and Banking - Rothbard
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History of American Currency
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