Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Politics is broken...

Putin candidate Alina Kabayeva ...and apparently the cure could be more totty.  Fleshbot figures that if recruiting candidates like Alina Kabayeva (right) whose chief qualifications for candidacy are that they are sexy and female worked for Vladimir Putin, then surely it can work for "Libertarian or Green parties" they say.  "If Libertarian or Green parties had thought of this tactic," they say, "we wouldn't be in the state we're in now." 

Suitable libertarian candidates for this year's elections might like to contact me for an interview.

[Thanks to GP for the link.  Moderately NSFW.]


  1. Hey PC

    I'm dead sexy. Where do I sign up?

  2. Alina is proof positive there is a God!
    Alina working for Putin is also proof of the fall of Adam!
    Comrade Wikiriwhi

  3. ....meanwhile, down in NZ, the Kiwis have Helen.


  4. Sean F.

    Without wishing to challenge your assertion at all, you do realise there are TWO qualifications required?


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