Tuesday, 15 January 2008

It's exclusive

Sir Ed's funeral would be better off as a humble private function rather the all-exclusive "state funeral" planned, says Annie Fox.

I thought the idea of a state funeral is that members of the public could attend, if not actually in the building, then out on the lawn. But the lawn outside the Church in Parnell is small and at a guess could hold one thousand people - maybe two thousand - well even at a wild guess five thousand. Hardly the solution for the tens of thousands of people that would like to attend.
So it appears that the funeral is really just for friends and family plus the ruling elite - is this what they mean by state funeral?

Simple answer: Yes.


  1. Betcha when Doctor Who pops his clogs there's going to be no problem fitting everyone into the TARDIS. :)

    Any how, what's Annie moaning about -- its all going to be broadcast live on statist television and radio, which seems to be the highest good to your average sheep-le.

  2. I suppose all funerals end up being for friends and family.

    Annie can rest assured about one thing, the 'Ruling Elite' will not be in attendence...(I have a business appointment on Tuesday) ;)

  3. Me, I'd have carted him up to the top of Ruapehu and burned his remains.
    Or, sort of following his wishes, put him on a bier and towed him out into the Hauraki Gulf and burned him.. a Vikings funeral.


  4. You Know Peter,I have followed your blog for some time now and I will say again to you.You have really lost your way,You call yourself a Libertarian? Ed Hillary was a socialist for Christs sake,he used stolen money off tax payers to build schools and crap in Napal,He climbed a mountain and that was it!!!Do you praise socialists now?
    Your blog has many many well written articles but you really need to reread your fundamentals and check your premises ,you are making yourself look like a watered down version of a dogooder.If you want to go to that socialist Arseholes funeral -good but keep it private and pay for eveything yourself,and do some reading up on how Hillary did the dirty on Tensin.
    Also it is about time someone pulled you up on your illfoundered and certainly unconstitutional take on the US foreign policy.I look forward to it ,so prime up that Lgm who reminds me of Steven Mallory ...he is bitter and cynical about ever achieving recognition. Unlike Roark, pubic opinion affects him. After continual rejections he turns to alcohol for escape..and does not have the guts to fight for liberty ..only sit on the side lines ..we are lucky Jefferson and the forefathers were not of this type of ilk.
    By the way when are you going to start designing Peter Cresswell designs and not copying Wrights?
    The Truth is a bitter pill ..

  5. socialisthashashin said... blah blah blah - a load of crap, frankly.

    How did Hilary use "stolen money off tax payers to build schools and crap in Napal". The man spent a good deal of his life raising funds from multinational and other corporations for charitable works in Nepal. I have some suspicions myself about the best way to go about foreign aid, I must admit, but building schools must be at the more useful end of the scale.

    You are obviously a raging fuckwit.

    As for this Annie Fox, what's her problem here? Obviously there is no church in our post-christian era capable of holding tens of thousands of mourners and onlookers. Has she ever heard of this sparkling new medium, television? Its said that its pretty far out, but it might just catch on. They have this television thing now with sound too. pretty radical, huh? Anyway, its worth an experiment.

  6. Someone sure having a bad day! Must have got upset at what was concluded about him a few months back. Reckon I summed him up right and proper.

    Oh well. Hope he wakes up to himself.


  7. Lgm you are obviously not the full quid what are you even on about.You know last time i was in NZ the jealousy and negitivity and tall poppy syndrome was unbelievable.You really need to get a life,the world is a big place.If you do not like it when people do well or disagree with you rationally and are successful in life you are probally in the right place stay in NZ,you would die of envy here. You are an angr little man ,NZ is loaded with your type.

  8. Thanks for your contribution SocialistHash. It must be hard living a life without heroes.

  9. socialistbullshitartist

    I've been in NZ a relatively short time (getting on for near a year) and likely won't be staying permanently. So your missive was misdirected. You fired wide and at the wrong target, making a sure fool out of yourself. Still, it's illustrative of your lack of factual substance and paucity of intelligence.

    For example, it's interesting how the worst accusation you can imagine to bring against another person is that they might be just like you are! Yes! In your latest rant you accurately described your own personal situation; jealous, negative, laden with envy of the successes other people enjoy.

    I just bet you are a NZer yourself and things never did turn out well for you there (no surprise). So you pretend to have gone on to better things elsewhere. Trouble is, you can't escape what you actually are. Your attributes go where you go. Given the tenor of your odd posts and miscellaneous mad rants, I'd be very safe in concluding that you have not done well, you are not where you want to be in life, your achievements are less than modest and you are angry about it all. You are frustrated at the World for ignoring your ego, hence your santimonious and angry ravings...

    What a small, pathetic, wee thing you are.


    PS People laugh at you! Didn't you notice?

  10. My god ,once again Lgm all you can do is insult with lies and no facts.It is evedent that you do not like it when someone calls you as a bully with nothing to say but childish name calling .You contribute nothing and do not like success ,like i said stay is NZ ,i did not miss the target you are so obvious,I did not accuse! you insult almost everyone because you cannot rationally accept that others in this world do make a success of their lives.You continue to honour yourself . you are so bitter and cynical .all you can offer is putdowns and aggresion.you are not a happy man.
    However i stand by all I say Peters Architecture would have been ripped up by Claude,and I was the last to work for him (and his most talented prodigy)and completed Claudes last design construction set ,after he died and completed built house .You Lgm do not even Know this person(you really need medication) NZ is full of Jealous liitle tall poppy types.And Ron Paul is a true Champion of Liberty and the Constitution,and your take on him peter is a disgrace. Your take on foreign policy is unfoudered ,which I will rationally tell you why when I have time in the next few days.
    Lgm whoever you are you once again can only offer name calling bromides and empty rhetoric.You really have a problem with success don't you.Because you have not acheived any?Stick to facts ,you need to reread objectivism,or is your definition name calling and lies objectivist?.

  11. Well said, LGM...I think you have hit the nail on the head, Socialisthash-wise.

    A fuller description of these sort of chaps is in my latest weblog post about the LINO.

  12. Socialist Hash, you said, "I was the last to work for [Claude](and his most talented prodigy)and completed Claudes last design construction set after he died ..."

    As I've said before, I'd love to see some of your own work, and to hear more about your work with Claude.

    Why so coy, sir?

  13. Socialisthashashin: Regardless of your opinion of PC's design ability, at least he has the stones to put his work out for appraisal.

    Holding yourself out to be a 'talented prodigy' from the safety of a pseudonym is an excellent laugh. Like PC says, it'd be just awesome to see some of your work. Links?


  14. Nice one, LGM and very well said.
    Remind me not to piss you off, eh? ;-)


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