Thursday, 10 January 2008

Holiday House 2 - Organon Architecture


Yesterday I posted what I called Holiday House 1 to show you my idea of the ideal bach -- something integrated with its site; something casual enough to be relaxing yet with cunning aplenty to make it work well, and enough visual strength not to be overawed by its setting.  Here this evening is what I'll call Holiday House 2, also by Organon Architecture , using two large cantlivered 'hypar' shells to define space and shelter.  I think it has something of the same qualities as Holiday House 1, if I say so myself, and would grace any private,  sloping bush-clad site overlooking water.  Or open country.

What's your own ideal bach like?


  1. My ideal bach is rectangular, has ventilation, no windows. Looks just like a cinema room :)

    Mark Hubbard

  2. And what would you ideally be looking at in there?

  3. My ideal holiday batch would be something that all I had to clean was the most dominating feature, namely windows.

    The interior would have zero dust magnets like skirting boards, window pelmets. everything would be flush and made entirely out of material that dust would not stick to. The one wipe wonder!

    I would want two dishwashers. One to house a set of dishes to use and the other to house the dirty ones. Yeah, rotation baby!

    100% of all the cooking would be done outside with a combination open fire, gas and spit roast barbie.

    There would be an outdoor kitchen, with a separate set up to cope with filleting fish and game.

    I also have this thing about tents, they do it for me every time. So perhaps a tent like structure for daytime living. Something to sit in and to sleep in (especially if it is raining and the urge is overwhelming).

    My ideal batch is something robust where you can be 100% comfortable not to break, stain, scratch or ruin anything you stand on, sit in, cook in or party in.

    Minimal fuss, maximum comfort and maximum outdoors.


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