Friday, 25 January 2008

Flame warriors

We've all met them.  There's no more complete set of flame warriors in the local blogosphere than those who can often be found sparring in the thickets of Kiwiblog's comments, but the same games are played on nearly every forum on the internet.

Profundus Maximus Cartoonist Mike Reed has spotted, listed and drawn up all the usual suspects one finds in the usual internet-based rows -- a complete "roster of the online belligerents" he calls Flame Warriors, ranging from the  Artful Dodger and the Netiquette Nazi, to Furious Typist  and Lonely Guy.  (Pictured right is Profundus Maximus, who "eagerly holds forth on all subjects, but his thin knowledge will not support a sustained assault and therefore his attacks quickly peter out.")

You see them all in every internet discussion, and you can see them in full colour at his site: Flame Warriors[Hat tip Richard Goode.]

Which one are you?  Which one am I?


  1. Oh dear, I foolishly clicked the link and my worst fears about myself were confirmed in the brightness of a billion pixels. I have been more and more concerned about my blog commenting for quite some time now. perhaps a period of quiet contemplation is in order.
    I shall blog on this myself, hat tip included obviously...

  2. Robert Winefield26 Jan 2008, 05:32:00



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