Friday, 11 January 2008

Centro idrico Vigna Murata - Mark Zanuso and Eduardo Victoria


I know what you're  going to say.  What is it?  The answer, I think, is a new water tower by Italian architects Mark Zanuso and Eduardo Victoria.  You can see a picture show here .

Why settle for ordinary, when with just a little dash of genius you can have extraordinary!  [Hat tip ADAO - the International Web Portal of Organic Architecture]

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  1. Well, not exactly, it's called "Centro Idrico EUR" and has been designed by the italian architect Francesco Palpacelli, who has a strong background in this field.

    The picture you probably saw with Marco Zanuso and Eduardo Victoria is just about a meeting they had in 1989 with Mr. Palpacelli. They're not involved with the design of this (IMHO) amazing structure.



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