Thursday, 17 January 2008

Boot 'em all out!

I was sent this bit of doggerel.  I made one or two changes for publication.  The original, I'm told, was written by "a free-thinking 16 year old"  -- I hope she likes what I've done with it...

Christchurch marched in driving rain,
Three thousand protests were in vain,
"Protect parental rights!" they cried.
"We're protecting children," Labour lied.

"Freedom of Speech," Labour hirelings said,
But they're muzzling people's speech instead.
Meanwhile, with the taxes taken from us,
They'll use all that to run for office.

"Make them all pay!" Team Red declared.
And with Mugabe they're compared.

"There's too much freedom", Labour thinks,
"What else can we ban? The drinks?"
Helen didn't sleep through fireworks,
"So let's ban that!" they say, the jerks.

That's right Labour! We don't mind
We know you're only being kind,
Get rid of all our fireworks nights,
And take our freedom, ignore our rights.

It's "Nanny, Nanny!" every day
And every day they make us pay
Through the nose.

"Raise the taxes! Increase the rates!
We know that's what our country hates.
"More welfare for the middle classes!"
It's bribes like that save their arses.

Let Labour in again? Not wise.
Not when they wish to run our lives.
The only thing that can be done,
Is boot them out and have some fun.

Boot them all out. We've had enough
Of Nanny government and all that stuff.
Government in your face and in your wallet
And on your back: It's time to stop it.

Time to end it and be set free;
To put an end to tyranny.

And since Labour-Lite is no great shakes --
They're spineless whimps -- flakes and fakes --
So if freedom from tyranny is your real ambition
Then you're going to need to get some Libz in.


  1. Splendid and a delight to read .

  2. One poet dies, and another takes his place.

  3. Awesome poem. Funny and true. I wish There were more smart and creative people like that.

    Maybe you guys would like to read a creative writing piece I did last year about Helen Clark. Everyone in my English class who isn't a retard loved it. That's right, all 4 of them. So should I?


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