Saturday, 12 January 2008

Arise, Sir Ed.

My  favourite story of Sir Ed. 

WHEN HILLARY AND TENZING reached the top of Everest for the first time, the story goes that Tenzing fell to his knees and gave thanks to the spirits that had helped their journey; he prayed to each of the four winds, and he carefully placed in the ground a small stake on which prayer ribbons were attached. While he was doing this, Hillary stuck a flag in the ground, unzipped his fly and took a piss.

This was his mountain.  That's how a man like Sir Ed celebrates a huge achievement.



  1. This was his mountain. That's how a man like Sir Ed celebrates a huge achievement.

    I guess it had nothing to do with the prospect of spending several days in piss-sodden clothes being not only unpleasant but rather impractical and unhygenic? Sometimes, Peter, a cigar is just a cigar and taking a leak means nothing more than your bladder being full.

    I really do hope there is an afterlife, and Sir Edmund is having a good laugh at the over-wrought bullshit that's being written about him.

  2. I think that's the whole point of the story, Craig.

  3. Actually, according to Sir Ed, when Tenzing stuck his ribbons in the snow he remembered to pull out the cross that the party leader had given him and planted it alongside Tenzing's offerings.

    Then they both had a piss and went home.


  4. Well said JC.
    It speaks volumes that PC would belittle Tenzing for giving praise to his god!
    P.C cannot stand such displays of reverence.
    I am no Buddhist yet I cannot stand PCs irreverence!
    Nor was Sir Ed an Egoist!
    He was an Altruist!
    His final concerns were not for monuments, nor to inspire acts of vainglory but for charity for Nepal!
    He said he did not conquer Everest but that the mountain relented!
    He was humble!
    Then he spent his life helping others! (That was the sort of Man Hillary was!)
    He was a true Hero of Mankind not a cantankerous fiction writer!
    He was not selfish.
    And He was appalled that Mark Inglis chose personal glory over trying to save a mans life! (Which you PC publicly praised!)
    Objectivism is as repugnant a philosophy as it is naïve, and impotent.
    Its claim to 'a sense of life' is nothing but shallow vain glory and bigoted contempt for others whom reject atheism and selfishness.
    You praise Dawkins in spite of his utter stupidity!
    Yet even he states the fundamental consequence of atheism and evolution which you ignore... that according to Atheist 'Monism' there is no such thing as Right and wrong, only cold materialistic indifference and that Man is no better than a rash growing on a rock! (The blind watchmaker)
    Hillary believed in an intelligent God, yet that he was too big to care for little mankind.
    He was not religious…nor am I.
    Objectivists are so twisted as to try and give soulless/spiritless man spiritual significance of rights!
    It fails.
    Lesson number one PC.
    Materialism = determinism = Nihilism (brutish survival of the fittest)
    Whereas Spiritualism = Freedom (freewill)= Morality!
    You are a superstitious man PC and have abandoned reason by granting Matter the power of freewill. You are an animist like the tribal savage!

    Atheism is Anti Man, anti freedom, pro brutality!
    Rand’s 'sense of life is phoney!'
    A cover for the blackness of having no god and the delusion of ‘self deification’.
    Any valid ‘sense of life you have is because you are wonderfully made!
    You misappropriate Gods due Glory for yourself!
    While you might say..."I see no God" cannot escape seeing his glorious handiwork in yourself and in the world around you.
    Yet there is no grounds for you to worship yourself as you had little to do with any of this.
    You are a creature not the Creator!
    God is love.
    You hate him and blaspheme him because you don’t like any higher authority than your own whim, or anyone who would take away the pleasure you get from kissing yourself while putting the boot into the humble, and selfless heroes who bow low before their God!
    Objectivist egoism, like all atheism has absolutely nothing to offer Hillary or Me but snide jibs!
    Why would any reasonable and loving person wish to join you lot?
    I pray for your soul and your enlightenment, and your freedom from the lies of Rand and Dawkins.
    Your friend in liberty.
    Tim Wikiriwhi

  5. Tim, you've just gone well over your one-paragraph limit -- but since this is so amusing I'll leave your post up this time.

    But do try to keep respectful and on topic, old chap, even when you're just posting satire.

  6. Tim

    What a load of bullshit you have presented. It really is vomit.

    There is no spirit-monster-god-creator-monkeymotion-pixie-devil-ghost-thing somewhere/nowhere/out-there. It is all myths and legends and primitive lies. The trouble is that people like you keep embracing it.

    Years ago I knew a guy who was into UFOs and stuff like that. He raved on about anal probes and was into the details about alien procedures (pretty much like religos are into hacking off little children's sex organs or parts thereof). Then he raved on about the "greys" and their plans and how they were "coming". Pretty much like the "second coming" you religos rave on about really. It's all the same shit. Dirty, filthy, mindless shit. I ended up telling him to get his mind out of these dirty stories and start looking at the here and now and seeing what life has to offer. There are so many wonderful and interesting things to see and do. REALITY. No-one has to retreat into a fictious world of theo-illogical myths and nightmares. "Lift your head and see reality as it is," was my recommenadation. Stop making up stories about it. They are unnecessary.

    He eventually admitted he was hiding from reality because that way he didn't need to examine his own situation and how he'd got himself there (due to his own failings). Hooray! The truth.

    You should abandon the nonsense and kick it into touch. Get real and deal with your life properly. Get off your knees.


  7. Hehe, the following LGM line should be printed and distributed to all churches in the country. It would probably help deluded religious believers get back to reality.

    There is no spirit-monster-god-creator-monkeymotion-pixie-devil-ghost-thing somewhere/nowhere/out-there.


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