Friday, 21 December 2007

Women who prefer cardigans, perhaps?


Britain’s chief scientist Professor Sir David King demonstrates that being a scientist and being a braindead joyless bastard are not mutually exclusive.  Says King:

Women must stop admiring men who drive sports cars if they want to join the fight against global warming, the Government’s chief scientist has urged.

Allow me to demonstrate what you aren't allow ed to find sexy.  Ladies, be sure not to dribble. MGA MGA MBGRV8Ferrari-Dino-246-GT





Seems to me that any woman who really did prefer a cardie-wearing bloke who drives a Prius to someone driving one of these needs their head read, and should be shunned in polite company -- just like King should be.  Global warming: it's not just killing freedom, but killing fun as well.


  1. Richard McGrath21 Dec 2007, 10:02:00

    Couldn't agree more, PC. Any male whose emotions are unresponsive to the sight of a beautiful sports car needs to grow a pair.

  2. Michael Fasher21 Dec 2007, 10:19:00

    High performance cars justify the development of high technology since buyers are prepared to pay top dollar.
    The most expensive hybrid costs say 50000 dollars but the most expensive sprts car costs about 2 to 3 million and have very limited production runs.
    Good examples of advanced technology are the Honda NSX and the Honda S2000 and the Lotus Elise and its derivitives and the Maclaren F1.These cars are three of the greatest cars ever built and have technolgy that which has expanded into the general car market.

  3. looking at that Ferrari, I don't give a damn for any justification other than the thing is a work of art, something to make you grin and go "oh YESS!
    The soulless killjoys can go screw themselves.

  4. For me the greatest supercar was the Lamborghini Diabolo. On a visit to the factory I had the pleasure of accompanying the chief test driver, Valentino Balboni, out on the road for a test session. After a few excursions beyond 322 kph I was certainly impressed with that car and with the driver. Later, when we parked in town to go get a coffee, the car drew a crowd of knowledgable Italians. They must see Lamborghinis around the district every day and they remain interested and enjoy what is a serious engineering achievement of excellence. Later on I had an enjoyable time driving the car all over Europe and the UK. It was a practical and user friendly car, not as much fun as its predecessor (when you were in the mood to really go for it) but faster and a lot more forgiving.


    PS. That wee mutterer King will never attract serious interest or admiration, especially not from the fairer sex. He receives contempt as he is a non-achiever, a non-event. He's also physically unappealing; an impotent weakling really. He knows it. He's jealous of his superiors.

  5. As a female lover of red sports cars, I think King is half right. Women should not admire men with sports cars. They should go forth and buy their own. I wouldn't want to share that sleek, red, soft top E-type with anyone.

  6. SWS

    ...and as all right thinking people know, an E-type should be Napier Green! Red is for the Italians.



  7. Michael Fasher22 Dec 2007, 15:58:00

    The NSX production run ended in 2005 because of new emisions laws in 2006 and the NSX replacement is being held up due to money in Honda being syphoned off to some hybrid program but a V6 OR V 10 replacement is in the pipeline fortunetly


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