Friday, 21 December 2007


I trust everyone is safe after last night's earthquake?  No horror stories from anyone?

I didn't feel a thing here in Auckland.  How 'bout you?


  1. well....the earth moved for me last night here in Rotorua....but I'm pretty sure it wasn't due to an earthquake

  2. By quite a coincidence, I was talking on msn messenger with an associate of mine who lives on a farm just out of Gisborne when it struck.

    He seemed terrified, poor chap.

    But, (as the tart said to the Vicar) "I didn't feel a thing"

  3. I felt a slight shake down here.

  4. I was drinking with Linz and CM, and it was a little jolt - but funniest surely was the OneNews anchor who asked the seismologist sitting in Wellington what the "feel of the people of Gisborne" was, and his response was "well that's not really my job, isn't it more your job to find that out?".

    NZ tv news, still pricelessly vapid.

  5. I didn't notice if my house was shaking at all, but I do know for sure that my bed was shaking but not sure whether that was due to my husband or the earthquake.

  6. 100km from Wellington--just a faint vibration and few creaks here.
    Business as usual. ;-)

  7. Lower Hutt, house is built on a flood plain - a strong jolt and a long roll. Everything in the drinks cabinet rattled.

    I was in Dunedin when the earthquake off Milford Sound struck in October - that felt much stronger (although it was bigger and closer than last nights)


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