Tuesday, 18 December 2007


One of the NZ Parliament's most egregious entities in recent years was National's Simon Upton -- the former Minister for Contaminated Blood, the man who signed New Zealand up to the Kyoto Protocol, the man who introduced and administered the Resource Management Act, the worst property rights violation since the war.

Asked before the fragrant fool headed off to a Paris sinecure with the OECD whether he regretted anything in his political career, such as the deaths of several people in the contaminated blood scandal for which he (with Helen Clark) was largely responsible, and for which those affected are still seeking justice, he proudly declared, "Nothing gnaws at my soul."

Upton has now just scored another comfortable berth at the Canadian-based International Institute for Sustainable Development, a wetter than wet outfit that boasts it is "Bridging the Gap between the Knowing & the Doing."  I wonder if it will bridge the gap where his soul should be.


  1. The "Bad Blood" scandal which Simon Upton and Helen Clark oversaw is a very good reason for the abolition of the Public Health System.

    As a sufferer of haemophilia I have always been treated privately, and that probably either saved my life or at the very least prevented me from having hepatitis.

    Had I been treated in a public hospital *shudder* I would have been exposed to the bad blood and..gosh...it makes me shudder to think what may have happened.

  2. Talking of 'sustainable development'.. has anybody come across this disgisting piece of quango-shit yet?


    This fucking idiot government wants us all to slowly drift back into the dark ages. "Living sustainably means living smarter. Through this site you’ll learn how to reduce your impact on the environment and save money."

    This crap has been PAID FOR with YOUR taxes!!!

  3. Simon Upton serves as Director for the Global Subsidies Initiative (GSI), an ambitious new programme developed by IISD, aimed at improving information on the extent and effects of subsidies, especially those that are harming developing countries or the environment.

    If this is a correct description it would seem to be honourable work – especially given what I learned about the eco-imperialists plans while at Bali.

  4. Owen

    The RMA was and is a terrible imposition on private property, freedom and wealth. S Upton was responsible for much of it (vexatious regulation, bureaucratic meddling and application of the fascist theory of property). Sure, you have made money out of it all, but frankly, you should know better than to get involved in such racketeering. The dishonour is yours, Owen.

    BTW I just love the weasel words, about harming "the environment." Next thing you'll be trying to claim that the environment has rights.

    Be off with you!


  5. Sorry but the first paragraph should be in quotes. IT is the quote from the link.

    I meant to imply that maybe Simon is now doing penance for his earlier sins.

    Any money I make out of the RMA is made defending people's rights. You might as well say I am making money out of the Global Warming madness.

  6. Owen

    "Any money I make out of the RMA is made defending people's rights."

    Really? How convenient.

    Some years ago you were challenged about your position regarding the RMA legislation. Did you support its repeal? No! Did you discuss its impositions against individual rights. Hell no! You actually stated that in principle the RMA was a good idea...

    How very convenient.

    Shame on you.



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