Tuesday, 18 December 2007

That was the year that was ...

In 2007 here at Not PC I've welcomed just over 200,000 visitors.

There's been just under 360,000 page views.

Of some 1,827 posts.

That's a lot of reading, and (I feel bound to point out) a heck of a lot of writing.   About 900,000 words worth of writing.  I'm gratified all those words have been so well received.

Obviously, some posts are more well received than others.  Ten most popular for the year, based on visitor numbers:

  1. Frank Lloyd Wright: Broadacre City, 4007 visits
  2. Becky Wants to Knock Her School Down, 2899 visits
  3. Evening, Fall of Day - William Rimmer, 2299 visits
  4. Wafa Sultan: "Cracks in the Islamic Prison," 2181 visits
  5. Beer O'Clock: Heineken Mini-keg, 1933 visits
  6. PC &, the 'Great Post-Modern Essay Generator,' 1713 visits
  7. Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus - Rubens, 1502 visits
  8. Hollywood Hygiene, 1289 visits
  9. Bavinger House - Bruce Goff, 1090 visits
  10. Political Correctness: A Classic Documentary, 966 visits

Strangely, only two of those posts were from 2007.  Some posts however weren't so well received.  Here's the year's six that were clicked on the fewest number of times.

  1. Formaldehyde Scam Exposed 
  2. Won Again
  3. US Presidential Candidates Quiz
  4. What a Victory
  5. Today's Drinking Meme 

Favourite searches?  No surprise that those posts above are reflected in the top six "Safe for Work" Google searches landing here:

  1. not pc/not pc blog/peter cresswell (4374 referrals)
  2. Searches for Various commenters (1641)
  3. becky wants to knock her school down/beck from dublin (1086)
  4. broadacre city (1047)
  5. heineken mini keg (411)
  6. "nanny state has gone berserk" (267)

And finally, Google, Yahoo, del.ici.ous and Bloglines aside, the top six referrers for the year (thank you):

  1. Kiwiblog, 13, 605 referrals
  2. Libertarianz, 3733
  3. Cactus Kate, 2508
  4. SOLO, 2175
  5. Whale Oil, 1998
  6. NZ Conservative, 1689


  1. "Becky Wants To Knock Her School Down" ...?!?! ummmm...???

    Gosh, Peter ..that is..ummmmm...an 'unusual' one :P

  2. Best PC posts 2007 -- Environment series, Urewera 'terrorist' posts

    Most boring commenter - LGM

    Most paranoid commenter - Sus

    Most intelligent and reasonable commenter - DenMT

    Most intelligent commenter run off by those with the intellectual vibrancy of a box of dead crabs - Eddie

    And to my more zealous 'fans' here who track me around the internet - I'm back in 2007, so you're in luck.

    Happy Christmas.

  3. That's 2008. I'm getting old.


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