Friday, 14 December 2007

So much nonsense spoken about so much nonsense

Rarely has so much nonsense been spoken about so much nonsense.   Careful not to overstate himself, our Bali correspondent tells his story: "In a speech likely to go down in history as an oratorical milestone in the fight against global warming [an "oratorical milestone" -- goodness!], Al Gore, former US vice-president and co-winner of this year's Nobel Peace Prize, electrified [electrified!] the December 3-14 UN conference on climate change on its penultimate evening on Thursday. Clearly speaking from his heart..." etc., etc., etc.  The rest of the piece gushes along in just the same breathless way.

Our correspondent is gushing about a speech from a bloke with the stage presence of a fire hydrant, and "packed full" of "wisdom" such as this:

Global warming anywhere is a threat to the world everywhere.

Sew that one your sampler and pin it to your wall.  Fortunately, such wisdom was wasted on the IPCC's noble delegates.  "The ministers who were discussing the Bali roadmap were still in negotiating rooms and probably did not hear him at all."  Alas, poor Al. Tags: ,

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  1. The Republican Presidential Candidates were all asked about Man Made Global Warming.

    Here is what they all said!!!

    Pathetic Little Gorebots!


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