Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Ring this Bell

There can be few people less deserving of our concern then multiple murderer William Bell.  Why news editors think that his being severely beaten in prison is deserving of either attention or sympathy, let alone to lead the news, entirely escapes me.

Mercy to the guilty is injustice to the innocent.


  1. I have read reports that this creature has been beaten because he was 'bragging' about his crimes. This is probably not correct, as multiple murderers admired in prison more often than not.

    He's probably being beaten because he is a slightly built man and, lacking access to firearms (we hope!) with which to intimidate and kill people, he finds the boot now on the other foot.

    One can only hope that this situation continues indefinitely for this particularly odious little rat.

  2. Yes, the less publicity this Bell fellow gets the better.

    When I first heard the news on the radio I misunderstood the reason for the armed guard at his bedside...thinking it unnecessary to guard him in case he got out of bed to re-offend or escape.

    But it seems the armed guards are there to protect him!

  3. And we're paying for them, Elijah.

  4. He was gloating about having privileges.

    In prison, that is the fast track to receiving GBH.

    Oh dear, how sad...


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