Tuesday, 11 December 2007

A low-carbon Goronation

I understand failed theology undergraduate Al Bore III flew to Oslo yesterday to pick up his Nobel Peace Prize .   The blowhard's speech called for us to "mobilize for war," without apparently even a trace of irony.

Here's a run-through of how George Bush might celebrate Big Al's award with a low-carbon awards ceremony at the White House.

It begins with an ox cart ...

UPDATE:  The Bore earned his nickname over again in London over the weekend where he delivered "a poorly received half-hour speech before a restless crowd" for which he earned was paid the princely sum of $200,000.   Accompanied by behaviour described as "precious," he naturally refused to take questions.  As Thomas Lifson wonders: "Al Gore: Doing good, or just doing well?"


  1. You forgot "....and proven liar"

  2. Yes, I like to vary my epithets. :-)


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