Saturday, 10 November 2007

Great bridges!

Wow. Here's 32 of the world's great bridges [hat tip Stephen Hicks, who has plenty of other great links]. It's a tough choice, but my pick of the bridges is Santiago Calatrava's Bridge in the Canary Islands, shown above next to his Tenerife Opera House. Magnificent.


  1. Great link PC.

    I couple of bridges I have always liked but which didn't make the list are the San Diego-Coronado Bridge, and Southgate Footbridge in Melbourne.

  2. I would like to see a bridge built across the strait one day (provided that it would be built by private investors of course).

  3. The 10th one down is the one way road bridge with the railway above it just south of Blenheim, NZ on SH1. It has just been replaced with a two way bridge and the plan is to remove the road section of the bridge pictured and just keep it as a rail bridge.

  4. Ahhhhh...I am glad someone else picked up on Number 10.

    Yes, it is the one at Seddon, New Zealand and...ummmmmm....not sure I would have included it in the "Top 10" (so to speak) :P

    Unless I am very mistaken...(can you clarify, Peter?)...Number 21 is on the Florida Keys? between Pigeon Key and No Name Key?

    The reason it rings a bell is when we were there Damien was annoying me, I threw a tantrum (how unlike me ;) lol) got out of the car and walked until he and the other chap apologised.

  5. I would have liked number 13 a lot more if they hadn't cheated and put those extra supports in.

    Of course, by saying 'cheated' I am making perfectly clear my ignorance of engineering.

    A really impressive example of the arch concept this bridge displays is the new Wembley stadium. One huge arch, visible from miles, holding up the entire roof. I saw it from perhaps 5 kilometers away and it was stunning.


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