Saturday, 10 November 2007

Great bridges!

Wow. Here's 32 of the world's great bridges [hat tip Stephen Hicks, who has plenty of other great links]. It's a tough choice, but my pick of the bridges is Santiago Calatrava's Bridge in the Canary Islands, shown above next to his Tenerife Opera House. Magnificent.

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Blogger Matt B said...

Great link PC.

I couple of bridges I have always liked but which didn't make the list are the San Diego-Coronado Bridge, and Southgate Footbridge in Melbourne.

10 Nov 2007, 13:56:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to see a bridge built across the strait one day (provided that it would be built by private investors of course).

10 Nov 2007, 14:12:00  
Anonymous Craig M said...

The 10th one down is the one way road bridge with the railway above it just south of Blenheim, NZ on SH1. It has just been replaced with a two way bridge and the plan is to remove the road section of the bridge pictured and just keep it as a rail bridge.

10 Nov 2007, 15:16:00  
Blogger Elijah Lineberry said...

Ahhhhh...I am glad someone else picked up on Number 10.

Yes, it is the one at Seddon, New Zealand and...ummmmmm....not sure I would have included it in the "Top 10" (so to speak) :P

Unless I am very mistaken...(can you clarify, Peter?)...Number 21 is on the Florida Keys? between Pigeon Key and No Name Key?

The reason it rings a bell is when we were there Damien was annoying me, I threw a tantrum (how unlike me ;) lol) got out of the car and walked until he and the other chap apologised.

10 Nov 2007, 19:02:00  
Blogger Matt B said...

I would have liked number 13 a lot more if they hadn't cheated and put those extra supports in.

Of course, by saying 'cheated' I am making perfectly clear my ignorance of engineering.

A really impressive example of the arch concept this bridge displays is the new Wembley stadium. One huge arch, visible from miles, holding up the entire roof. I saw it from perhaps 5 kilometers away and it was stunning.

11 Nov 2007, 13:02:00  

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