Friday, 9 November 2007

"They are never going to stop."

With the gradual envelopment of early childhood centres by the nanny state (initially by the forced retraining of early childhood teachers and thereafter by the suffocation of curriculum control), successive governments have slowly killed off what was a successful and relatively free sector of the education market, and they've recently begun killing off daycare centres and crèches at swimming pools, gyms and shopping malls by the simple expedient of insisting that "carers do not meet the criteria for childcare" and closed is what these centres must be.

The creeping soft fascism of government control of the sector has left educators and libertarians shaking their head in frustration, joking that since schools and daycare centres only have children for a short space of time compared to parents, it's amazing how parents are allowed to raise their children without a licence.


A reader tells me the Government in the person of Chris 'I fucked up at Whangamata' Carter has just announced that "any place where 3 or more children are in the charge of a caregiver is to be classified as an early childhood establishment and should be subject to the same certification." As she says, the news item referred to Sunday Schools, BUT ...
God help those families with three or more children; they'll have to go into care while Mum does three years training to qualify as a parent.

They are never going to stop.
No. They're not. Not until nanny's opponents are sufficiently numerous and with balls able to beat the bitch back will she even contemplate beating a retreat. Until then she's just gonna keep right on coming.

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  1. You have to ask why you are shaking your head in frustration. Why these issues don't get any real traction outside of the blogosphere.

    The problem seems to be a matter of outrage management.We have all these bloggers peddling outrage on a daily basis. But there's one serious problem with always being outraged about something… sooner or later nobody gives a crap whether you're outraged.

    Hundreds of political bloggers are outrage-o-matics, not talking about you in particular.


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