Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Te Taari Takee

I'm looking forward to heading down to Christchurch this afternoon -- not just to avoid Auckland's rain, but to attend the film première of hero Dave Henderson's victory over the IRD thugs, 'We're Here to Help.' The title is taken from Ronald Reagan's warning about the nine most terrifying words in the English language; the story is taken from Dave's book, 'Be Very Afraid: One Man's Battle Against the IRD.'

Great story, great result ... I have every expectation of it being a great film, and I look forward to meeting up with a few of you.


  1. hope this is a success and is picked up by the film festival circuit

  2. I admired Reagan. He bombed Tripoli just a few weeks after I moved to the US (Connecticut) in 1986. Prior to that Gaddafi had been behind the lion's share of the hijackings and bombings that had plagued airbases, airports, airliners & passenger ships, etc, in the early 80s.

    After that, not a peep.


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