Friday, 2 November 2007

Sick Saudi literature infesting British muslims

Islam is a peaceful religion; moderate muslims are in the mainstream; there is no need for mainstream muslims to abjure terrorism and violence ... These easy platitudes are punctured if not overturned by a new report calling into question the teachings of some of Britain's mainstream mosques -- the places that bred the terrorists who killed 52 people in the London bombings of July 7, 2005.

British researchers have been examining the teaching literature found in British mosques, and found that in at least one-quarter (these being "among the best-funded and most dynamic institutions in Muslim Britain -- some of which are held up as mainstream bodies") the literature found was far from what one would expect to be promoted by a "peaceful religion," including writing calling for the murder of apostates, gays and Jews, and the incitement of hatred against all the west stands for. Here's an excerpt from two of the pamphlets found:
  • "And if he apostatises after that, his head should be chopped off, according to the Hadith: 'Whoever changes his religion, kill him'."
    'Fatawa Islamiyah - Islamic Verdicts,' volume 5 (found at the East London Mosque; the London Central Mosque and Islamic Centre, ie., the ‘Regent’s Park Mosque’).
  • "Jihad against a tyrant, oppressors, people of bid'ah, or wrongdoers. This type of Jihad is best done through force if possible, otherwise, by tongue, or else by abhorring their deeds in one's heart."
    'The Islamic Digest of Belief and Jurisprudence' (found at the Al-Muntada Al-Islami Trust, West London).
And in a delightful pamphlet called 'Women Who Deserve to go to Hell' (found at the East London Mosque, and the Muslim Education Centre, High Wycombe), there flows forth this 'wisdom':
Some Kinds of Women Who Will Go to Hell
1. The Grumbler … the woman who complains against her husband every now and then is one of Hell.
2. The Woman Who Adorns Herself.
3. The Woman Who Apes Men, Tattoos, Cuts Hair Short and Alters Nature...
Perhaps the most disturbing aspect is that the majority of this apocalyptic trash is funded by the Saudi regime in support of the Saudi brand of militant Islam, the source and inspiration for jihadism. Concludes the report, "The influence of Saudi Arabia [a western 'ally'] is both powerful and malign."

Read the whole report here: The Hijacking of British Islam: How extremist literature is subverting mosques in the UK. [200-page pdf] [Hat tip Nevil Gibson, NBR]

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  1. Religion is bad. This one is worse than most.



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