Sunday, 25 November 2007

"My ball!"

Been out at Manurewa watching the preliminary final of Auckland's Australian Football competition -- in a close struggle, Mt Roskill (in the black, white and red) just pipped North Shore for the right to meet the Uni Poofters in next Sunday's final out at Oratia. (Details here.)

Lucky the players were a little sharper than the chaps running the scoreboard...


  1. Bugger.

    Oh well, my rugby team won and I scored a try yesterday.

    I am now black and blue all over.

  2. That's not Aussie Rules.

    Shorts are too long and we can't see their shoulders.

    Chicks notice these things Peter.

  3. uni poofters?????

    I seem to recall a younger slimmer pc started his rools career with uni. And they are poofters now?

  4. Sage, that was Uni-Manukau HardArses, before the hard-arse half split to form Manurewa. :-)

    See if you recognise anyone from this 1987 Uni-Manukau grand final winning team. There's certainly a younger, slimmer PC there ...

  5. Homos mincing in short pants.....its a Catholic can tell....;-)


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