Wednesday, 28 November 2007

More loony law proposed by the Greens

I suggested yesterday that the single best way to relieve poverty is to stop stealing from the poor, if only vested interests would let you. The Greens are one of those vested interests, and a new Greens' private members bill would make life for the poor worse. Remember that nearly half the price of filling up your car already goes to the government in petrol taxes -- the Greens don't want to remove this burden (as any friend of the poor would surely be advocating) instead they want to take petrol taxes to fund their own pet projects and feelgood transport schemes. Liberty Scott has details of what he calls their "faith-based initiative."

UPDATE: Just a reminder that this new bill would be on top of the provisions in Cullen's last budget to raise petrol taxes yet another ten cents a litre to pay for roads and for public transport that people don't use.


  1. The higher the taxes go, the more the restrictions are tightened, the more it impoverishes people. When will they demand a halt? When will they demand freedom? Perhaps when they realise that baseless lies are being used to justify the imposts. On present performance, they will keep accepting their lot and pay and keep paying. They believe!

    So here comes the $3.00 litre! Soon the compulsory bus ticket!
    I guess the Greens will promote this as freedom from choice. Wow!


  2. The Greens used to say that their eco-taxes would be offset by a tax free threshold. Now, they are pushing ahead with their eco-reforms and all talk of a tax free threshold (a mere $5K in any event) has evaporated like so much hot air.



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